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UH ALERT is the official emergency notification system for the University of Houston. UH ALERT is used to provide prompt notification to students, faculty and staff in the event that there is a condition which may threaten the health or safety of those on campus.

UH ALERT utilizes multiple notification methods in an effort to reach out to students, faculty and staff during an emergency. The UH ALERT Emergency Notification System utilizes the following channels to send emergency messages:

The UH ALERT Emergency Notification System will only send messages when a significant emergency or dangerous situation that represents an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community or when certain criminal offenses have been reported that represent a serious or continuing threat to the university community.

In order to receive text messages from UH ALERT, you must provide your cell phone number in MyUH or PASS using the following instructions. UH ALERT will never send out unsolicited messages and all personal contact information provided for purposes of the emergency notification system is kept confidential and is not subject to disclosure under Section 552.021, Government Code.

Parents, visitors and the general public can visit the General Public Information page to learn how they can receive UH ALERT notifications.